Custom made cushions and how much it costs

How to get a quote?

Please send in photo of your furniture to

We aim to get back within 2 working days. We normally ask for

  • measurements of the cushions you require, such as widths x length x thickness of foam you want or have. Quantity from each size you require
  • any particular fabric brand or color you want?
  • what weather elements does your cushions get exposed to
  • which state and suburb you located at, so we can calculate postage fees if applicable.

How does quotes calculated?

Quotes are divided into 3 main components , foam, fabric and labor. So our customers can see how much is going where. 

  • Labor

The Labor prices depend on size and shape of your cushions and design of cover you want. For example : piped or plain designed covers.

Piped covers are more trickier and time consuming. Hence piped covers are more expensive than plain covers. Piping is for decoration purposes only and will not affect their durability. 

Labor price will include zippers, upholstery UV treated thread, cutting and sewing.

  • Foam

Foam prices depend on grade of foam you would like and size of your foam. 

Customers can choose from soft foams to higher density foam grades depending on their preferences. Also foam thickness can be adjusted too. Thicker and more dense the foam is more comfortable it feels, hence price increases for dense foams compared to soft density. 

There are also Quick dry foam, perfect for outdoor use or places which gets wet. Quick dry foams are mold resistant and dries quickly .

  • Fabric

Customers can choose any fabric of their choice depending on their budget and preferences. We can also recommend suitable fabric when customers aren't sure for themselves. Some of the fabric houses we work with are : Warwick Fabrics, Zepel, 3Beaches Textiles, Profile Fabrics, Laura & Kiran, Schumacher, Thibaut, Sunbrella and many more. 

All fabrics are priced differently depending on their durability and brand. For outdoor cushions we will include specific list of fabric brands that are well suited to withstand weather elements with their prices, for our customers to have a read through. 


  • Extra options/Add ons

For cushions to have that rounded cushy feeling and look, we recommend getting wadding and dust covers over the new foam pieces. The wadding adds the luxury look to your cushion. The dust covers are another layer of cover sewn inside the main one, to keep wadding and foam together. So the main cover can be removed easily for washing purposes.